Surf Spot & School El Golfo

El Golfo was formed after volcanic eruptions which created a natural amphitheatre open to the sea.  In the base of this semicircular crater, there is a lagoon which is green because of the algae that inhabit its waters. On the beautiful black beach swimming is prohibited because of the strong currents. There are waves for surfing but you need to have intermediate-advanced   surfing ability to have fun and avoid risk!

This surf spot functions most of the time in winter; but the waves can be quite dangerous. It is beach/rock break and there is a fast righthander which needs NE winds and low tide to work well.


Break type: reef / hollow
Wave direction: left
Ideal wind: south easterly
Ideal swell: north westerly
Ideal tide: all
Average water temps: 19°c – 22°c
Difficulty: expert
Rating: 4/5