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Yoga may helps your surf skills

By März 25, 2016Unkategorisiert

There are different disciplines which help improving surfing skills. Yoga is one of then. Yoga Journal explains how one will improve soon surfing skills, if one start to practice yoga regularly.

Why are so linked these two disciplines? Both are looking for a contact with nature, for another hand and yoga exercises help to be in ready for surfing and increases mentally control capacity what helps to concentrate in the waves while surfing.

yoga on a SUP







Vinyasa teacher Cristy Cristensen, says yoga is the perfect complement to catching waves. In fact, many pro surfers (including Laird Hamilton and 11-time world champion Kelly Slater) swear by yoga as their secret weapon.

“Yoga helps to increase flexibility, improve balance and gain core strength and awareness,” and a strong core is the perfect starting point for surfing, says Christensen. “Yoga teaches us presence to remain calm and to return to our breath again and again no matter what the outside circumstances, all tremendous skills to have while out in the water.”

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