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Kaboti surf, is a international surf school in Lanzarote, that has more than fiveteen years of experience offering surf, kite and Stand Up Paddle courses for all levels in Lanzarote.

The high required level of quility in which we carry out the surf courses, and the excellent treatment with the participants has positioned us as leaders in Playa Blanca and in Lanzarote as the best international surf school in Lanzarote.

Our main motivation is to transmit the passion we feel towards the sea, taking maximum care of safety in the activities we develop, complying with all the necessary protocols to carry out an exciting and safe activity.

The Canary Islands are considered the European Hawaii. In particular, the island of Lanzarote and Caleta de Famara is a perfect setting for surfing and Paddle Surfing. Thanks to its unbeatable conditions to carry out this activity throughout the year, Lanzarote is a wave paradise. Come learn surfing with your surf school in Lanzarote and we will passionately introduce you to the world of surfing! the European Hawaii !.

Quality is what matters most

Surfing is an extreme sport which entails some risk, which is why we recommend learning with qualified and experienced teachers.

Meet the Team
Quality Over Quantity

Experienced instructors

Agustin Medinilla

Surf courses Manager

Agustín Medinilla Cabotti was born in Argentina but spend most of his live in the south of Brazil. During some period he lived as well in California and Costa Rica. He started surfing when he was 8 years old and has spent his life travelling, surfing, and competing in championships. He studied and trained to gain all the necessary to be surf instructor and be able to carry out his own Surf School. He’s main achievement is to show to the people all the amazing feelings and emotions that surfing gives you, so that, he’s way of life.

Valentín Gandasegui

Surf Instructor

Valentín was born in Huelva, Spain. Right after his achievement of a Technical Agriculture Ingenieer Degree, he developed a Master of Sustainable Development between Italy, Denmark, and Costa Rica. In Costa Rica he start surfing and never stopped since then. He travelled around the world surfing and visiting the most famous surf destinies. Valentin´s dream was become Surf instructor so he could teach how to surf as well as pass on the feelings to all the people who want to live a new experience.

Manuel Galdamez

Surf Instructor

Manuel was born in Huelva, where he studied and started surfing there when he was 16 years old. At 19 he went to live in Seville for work, where after a few months away from the sea and surfing, he felt the need to leave everything and find a place with new waves where he could improve his skills and live close to the sea. He finally ended in Lanzarote and entered fully into a paradise of good waves and became a surf instructor, being able to teach and practice what he likes most, a dream come true for him. Besides Manu is passionate about the world of photography and always loaded with camera everywhere taking pictures of waves and landscapes wherever he goes.

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Frequently asked questions about our surf courses and answers:

Is it necessary to be able to swim to learn how to surf?

Yes it is absolutely necessary. You don’t have to be an expert swimmer to learn surfing, but it is important to know how to swim in order to be able to learn surf kaboti surf school in Lanzarote. Becoming a stronger swimmer is recommended as part of the training to improve your surfing skills.

What is the minimum age for learning how to surf?

The minimum age we take kids to learn surfing is 6 years old.

What is the maximum age for learning how to surf?

There is no maximum age to start to surf in Kaboti surf school in Lanzarote, you set the limits!!

What should I bring for the surf course?

High protection sun cream, dry clothes for the way back and lots of energy…the rest is on us!!

What kind of equipment we will need for the surf course?

Boards For the beginners surf course we will use a soft longboard , stable, safe and easy for learning to how stand up and take off . For the more advanced courses in the surf school in Lanzarote, boards of different lengths and materials may be used depending on the conditions and the surfer’s ability.

Wetsuits . Even though the temperature in the summer and autumn is high enough not to require a wetsuit, wearing one will protect you from the sun and any chafing from the board.

The Leash attaches the board to your feet.

Kaboti surf rashvest identifies you as our student

How long will the surf course last?

Our surf lessons last for 3 to 4 hours depending on how big is the group. We have two sessions with a break in between to rest and eat the picnic lunch provided.

How many sessons I will need to learn how to surf?

There is no set time for learning how to surf. We always recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 days of surf lessons in the surf school in Lanzarote, to be able to get familiar with the equipment and to master the basics. Taking more lessons we would be able to explore different spots around the volcanic island.

If you have any other questions about Kaboti surf school in Lanzarote please do not hesitate to contact us!