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f your surfing skills are up to it we will take you to La Santa. All the peaks at La Santa are reef breaks which are less dangerous at high tide.

On lefthand side of La Santa: there is a perfect wave which functions all year round. It is a long wave which breaks both left and right and often barrels.

In the centre there is a really nice wave for intermediate level, often long  and perfect for manoevres.

At the peak on the right of La Santa: is a long, powerful righthander breaking over a shallow reef.  It is  excellent for manoeuvres and tubes and handles a big  swell.

  • Break type: reef
  • Wave direction: left
  • Ideal Tide: Media-Alta
  • Ideal Swell: NE-NW
  • Ideal Wind: NE
  • Average water temperature: 19°c – 22°c
  • Difficulty: High
  • Rating 6-8

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