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Set against a backdrop of spectacular cliffs and rolling sand dunes, Famara beach is part of the National park of the Biosphere. The transparent water and natural beauty, as well as its consistent waves all year round characterise Famara.  It is considered one of the best European destinations for surfing.

Even though Famara is a 6 kms long beach break, to  one side there is a short  reef/sand bottomed lefthander, which also works at high tide.

In the dock one can surf a long reef wave very fast with good quality for manoeuvres and tubes.

All along the beach there are many left and right peaks.

  • Wave direction: left- right
  • Ideal wind: NE-E
  • Ideal swell: NE-NW
  • Ideal tide: high
  • Average water temps: 19°c – 22°c
  • Difficulty: beginners
  • Rating: 3


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