Surf School Lanzarote

Offering three levels of  course – basic, intermediate and advanced –  we try our best provide a surf lesson suited to each individual’s ability,  throughout the year.  With Kaboti Surf school Lanzarote you will learn surf with real surfers who have dedicated their life to surfing.

We want to share our enthusiasm for our lifestyle as you learn how to surf, and  to respect the beauty and power of the ocean.

Kaboti Surf lessons guarantees the necessary dedication to teach you to surf and make it fun and safe!

Our main goal is to convey our passion for this sport so that you too can appreciate, and take home memories of the wonderful experiences which surfers enjoy.

 If you can surf already and what you need is to get to know the best spots on the island, we take you and advise you on how to improve your skills!

The surf lessons for beginners are taught at the sandy- bottomed beach of Famara. For the more experienced Surfers we look for different spots depending on surf conditions.

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Frequently asked questions
Surf School Lanzarote

About our surf courses and answers

 Is it necessary to be able to swim to learn how to surf?

Yes it is absolutely necessary to learn in any surf school lanzarote. You don’t  have to be an expert swimmer to learn surfing, but it is important to know how to swim. Becoming a stronger swimmer is recommended as part of the training to improve your surfing skills.

 What is the minimum age for learning how to surf in surf school Lanzarote?

The minimum age we take kids to learn surfing is 6 years old.

 What is the maximum age for learning how to surf?

There is no maximum age to start surfing lessons, you set the limits!!

 What should I bring for the surf course?

High protection sun cream, swimsuit, dry clothes for the way back and lots of energy…the rest is on us!!

 What kind of equipment we will need for the surf course in a surf school Lanzarote?

Boards For the beginners surf course we will use a soft longboard , stable, safe and easy for learning to how stand up and take off . For the more advanced surfing classes  boards of different lengths and materials may be used depending on the conditions and the surfer’s ability.

Wetsuits . Even though the temperature in the summer and autumn is  high enough not to require a wetsuit, wearing one will protect you from the sun and any chafing from the board.

The Leash attaches the board to your feet.

Kaboti surf rashvest identifies you as our student

How long will the surf course last in a surf school Lanzarote?

Our surf lessons last for 4 hours. We have two sessions with a break in between  to  rest and eat the picnic lunch provided.

How many sessons I will need to learn how to surf?

There is no set time for learning how to surf. We always recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 days of surf lessons to be able to get familiar with the equipment and to master the basics.

 If you have any other questions about our surf courses please do not hesitate to contact us! in our surf school Lanzarote we are at your service.

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