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Puerto del Carmen surf spots are a lot of fun. Puerto del Carmen is in the east coast of Lanzarote,  Kaboti Surf School chooses sometimes surf spots in Puerto del Carmen to run surf lessons depending on the swell and wind conditions. Surf spots in Puerto del Carmen  function only when conditions are very much specific and those contitions are not so often.

Due to the orientation of Puerto del Carmen waves are most of the time produced by wind instead strong swell but when weather conditions are optima is very much fun to surf in Puerto del Carmen.


There are 3 different spots along the coast of Puerto del Carmen.  When surf conditions are good, we run our surf lesson in Puerto del Carmen.

Optimal Surf conditions for Puerto del Carmen are:  String swell N or NE. Wind needs to be N or W.


Most of the times surf in Puerto del Carmen is more suitable for  longboarders, but there are also surf spots which are botton reef suitable for short boardes. In general waves can be very smooth and easy.

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