Wakesurf Lanzarote


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Kaboti Surf offers you the possibility of surfing the waves generated by a boat in the mode of wakesurfing. Holding a handle that connects you to the boat with a 6 meter rope, you will stand up on the board and you will be able to follow the wake of the wave that the boat produces doing all kinds of maneuvers such as surface turns, getting on or crossing the wake, ollies. ..etc.

Focused on surfers who are either learning to surf and want to improve their technique or are already surfing and want to enjoy this exciting variant. The board is made of the same material as a surfboard, your feet have no grip and the size and thickness are smaller to be able to do all kinds of tricks and maneuvers. It helps a lot in your progress and learning of surfing, especially in the positioning of the body and control of the tread to handle the board

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