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Are you an adventure sports enthusiast and are always looking for new exciting ways to get that adrenaline rush? Here at Kaboti we feel you. Nothing gets you pumped up like a good activity to raise the spirits.

This is why we created this list of adventure sports you can do in Lanzarote while traveling around.

Much more than just adventure sports

Lanzarote is a small but busy island with several different landscapes, which gives you the opportunity to explore and keep yourself busy every single day if you want to. Some say it may resemble a desert, some say it’s more like the surface of the moon, but truth be told, there is a place for everyone. 

It’s an island where nature meets culture and architecture and where you can both chill by the seaside and engage in tons of activities. The sport offering in Lanzarote is astonishing and the weather makes everything as accessible and as pleasant as a sport could be. If you love engaging with nature while staying healthy, don’t think twice and visit this incredible island.

Why practice adventure sports in Lanzarote?

It’s a valid question as the island is a popular tourist resort mainly focused on holidays, relaxed days, plenty of great people, great food and just a perfect place to relax. 

However doing some sport can be great fun and can level up your vacation and teach you a thing or two about the canary island that you wouldn’t learn otherwise. Plus, sports like surf or kayak excursions are great for your health, to keep in shape and not fall into the routine

Just keep in mind some tips we have in store for you about practicing sport in Lanzarote:

1. Always bring food, water and comfortable clothes wherever you go. You need to be ready for a day full of activities and that means you need to feel great until the end. The only way to ensure that is to stay hydrated, eat enough and avoid any discomfort. Of course, depending on the adventure activity you choose you will need to bring one thing or the other, but that’s something you will know in advance.

2. Choose an adventure sport you are prepared for, physically and mentally. Let’s face it, not every activity is the best for everyone. Choose wisely what you can afford physically and what excites you and start at the lowest level if you have never done it before. If you decide to take your first surfing lesson, make sure it’s for beginners and not an advanced surfing class.

3. Choose the right company for your activity. And when we say company, we are referring to the friends you are bringing but also to the shop you are contacting. Our advice is to choose a company that does your preferred sport on the daily and not as a one off thing. At Kaboti, for example, we specialize in surfing, kayaking and stand up paddling, but if you are looking for bungee jumping, you should contact a different entity. This will be the only way to make sure you are getting the best possible experience and all the necessary equipment and details are being taken care of.

4. Follow all the recommendations and rules your chosen activity has. Remember that what the experts say has a reason to be said. It might be safety instructions, or maybe some nature preservation rules or just tips and tricks for you to learn faster. All of this will make the adventure sport much more enjoyable, trust us!

5. Rest well before your adventure sports day. Especially if you are doing the sport for the first time. You will need all your focus and energy.

Top 4 adventure sports in Lanzarote

As you may have already read between the lines, there are several activities you can try in Lanzarote, all of them valid and amazing in their own way. Our top 5 though…

Surf in Lanzarote

Of course you could have imagined that water sports would be in the top positions of this list… Due to the nature of Lanzarote, the constant winds and the island being surrounded by the ocean, the island is an iconic sport for some surfing lessons. With places like ‘Famara’ or ‘Playa Blanca’ you will never get bored. And, if you do, you still have plenty of surfing spots for all levels to hone your skills and be the best at it by the end of your vacation.

Plus, if you are a starter but you don’t know if you will like it yet, we got you covered with our surf lessons for beginners or our private surfing classes for the shy ones.

Stand Up Paddle

If you are not a fan of riding waves or you don’t want to be seen near one because you don’t like it or you are afraid, don’t worry! It might just be that your sport is the stand up paddle. It looks very similar to surfing, but actually has quite a few differences. It is more relaxed and less draining for the body, making it perfect for people who like adventure sports but would still like to keep it calm and slow.

Sea Kayak & Snorkeling

Accessible for all ages, kayaking is an adventure sport that doesn’t require you to be on your feet all the time. You can just kayak your way through places like ‘Los Ajaches’ and ‘Papagayo’ or go around the south coast starting from Playa Blanca to enjoy a spectacular view. 

And, of course, make some pit stops for snorkeling from time to time. This way you will make sure you will also discover the incredible underwater side of Lanzarote.

Kite Surfing 

An incredible water sport that requires lots of practice and a great instructor that knows how to teach you the ins and outs of kite surfing for quick but secure progress. Just remember to check internally if this adventure sport is right for you or is actually too demanding.


Be it surf, kayak, kite surf or stand up paddle, you will find something that grabs all your attention. At Kaboti we are all about adventure sports in Lanzarote and will be happy to help you choose the best one for you and your friends. 

However, if you are not a water person, make sure to check all the different options for land sightseeing of the island.

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