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If you have ever been to the Canary Islands and you are an avid surfer or you would like to learn more about it and take some surfing lessons, this blog post is for you. 

The island is small as it’s just 60 per 20 kilometers. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have opportunities to practice and to catch some waves. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Lanzarote is exposed to powerful swells generated by the North Atlantic, and strong offshore winds. This offers a wide variety of surf spots for all levels and all kinds of people. However, some questions still remain, and we are here to give you all the info you need to come and surf in Lanzarote.

When to come to Lanzarote

The main surfing season lasts from September through April. The swell and the warm, sunny weather will provide you the perfect conditions, although it will also attract a big number of tourists. But don’t worry, as the island has enough space for you to surf without any crowds surrounding you.  

November to February are the months with the best waves that hit the Canary Islands. That’s why the winter months are better suited for more experienced surfers. Summer months on the other hand, receive smaller swells, perfect for beginners. However, Lanzarote is a swell magnet, and you are bound to find good waves all year around.The most powerful and biggest waves though, are found from October to March.

The water temperature in the Canary Islands is much warmer than in other countries famous for their surf spots, hovering around 22 °C in summer and 18 °C in winter. If you plan to surf in winter, you’ll need a 2mm or a 3/2mm wetsuit, and can go rubberless in summer. The only thing you will need to bring regardless of the season are some booties to protect your feet from rocks and sea urchins populating the area.

Where to go for some surf lessons

Here is where the tricky part starts. Of course Lanzarote has dozens of surf spots where you can get great waves and  practice to your heart’s content, but, as in every other place on this planet, some of them will be more suited for beginners and others for people with more experience.

Famara Beach

Located to the northwest of the island, the Famara Beach or the “Caleta de Famara” is perfect for all levels of surfing. The length of the beach is about 6km, which makes it one of the biggest beaches out there and offers a handful of different spots as well as helps you avoid the crowds.

The best season for beginners are late spring and summer months, as winter generally has bigger and more powerful waves, more suited for experienced surfers.

El Quemao

One of the most intense surfing spots of the island, where you can see the waves breaking from miles away. Although an amazing spot for professional surfers, it’s quite a risky one and not at all recommended for beginners and middle level people.

It is considered as one of the best surfing areas in the world, but, of course, the difficulty and the height of the waves, which often reach 5m, make it a place to consider twice on your journey.

Playa Blanca

A less known surfing area in Lanzarote which offers the perfect conditions for surfers that look for a challenge. Playa Blanca is often referred to as the most beautiful beach on the island and it definitely is so. However, surfing there is only possible under very specific conditions of wind and swells, which limits it to more experienced surfers.

Morro Negro

A famous spot for both local and international visitors, Morro Negro is a perfect place for advanced surfers. It will offer you two waves: a barreling right-hander and a longer left-hander. Both will get you great tubes and long rights of up to 300m with waves that can reach 5m.

La Santa

Recommended for intermediate and advanced levels, La Santa is a place where we would take you to hone your skills once we are confident you will be up to the challenge. All the peaks at La Santa are reef breaks which are less dangerous at high tide. 

Of course there are many more places to takes surfing lessons when you visit the Canary Islands, including Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. However, here at Kaboti we believe that Lanzarote is a perfect combination of limited crowds, perfect surfing spots and amazing weather.

If you are thinking about trying, feel free to reach out about our private surfing lessons, group surf lessons and other activities and classes we have.

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