Wing Foil


Accessibility: The wing is connected only to your hands by means of handles, if you want to stop one should loose, if you want to go more slowly you open.

Wind range: it is accompanied by a hydrofoil located under the board, making the wind range multiply and thus being able to fly in a short time, supporting large gusts of wind. Having a good quality hydrofoil wing makes you pass wind gaps almost without knowing it.

From anywhere: With the wing foil you can leave from anywhere, without having to go to authorized channels or special beaches for the practice of nautical sports.



Kaboti Surf offers you this super new modality of sport, which consists of handling a wing without being attached to a table. We will only handle it with our hands, with the possibility of being attached to a harness or leash.

This new modality only has advantages and no buts! Try with us!

Durability : 2 HOURS

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