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You know, surfing has only one big danger, which is not the waves, the wildlife or anything like that. The one big handicap of trying surf lessons is that you won’t be able to stop as soon as you stand on that surfboard and catch your first wave.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being one with the sea and just flowing with the waves and the currents. Plus, you get to catch some sun, make great friends and get yourself into a great sport that can be as challenging and as rewarding as you want it to be.

However, we know that many of you don’t know where to start, if it is for you or if you will ever be good at it. The short answer is effort makes perfect. You will need to practice lots, but everyone can do it and enjoy the perks of being a surfer.

To give you a little push, we prepared this small guide about what to expect from a surfing lesson so you get extra confidence before reaching out to learn.

In a sense, surfing is easy

You get your board, jump towards the waves, point yourself towards the coast and just stand on the board when the time comes. 

Okay, maybe surfing is not that easy… However, a good surfing school like Kaboti will always ensure to get you to the best spot for practice. You will probably start in whitewater, which is when the wave breaks and becomes foam. These waves are easy to ride and are not too strong fro you to get a good grip of your balance. Your surf instructor will guide you at all times, making sure you are feeling confident and comfortable.

But also not that easy

Although the process of surfing is very simple, there are quite a lot of technicalities involved. When to stand up on your surfboard, where to position your feet, at what angle, etc.

Plus, you will need to build muscle and muscle memory in order to keep going. Surf, paddle surf and its variants require physical effort, mostly for paddling and standing up on the board. But don’t worry, you will get there with enough practice.

Your body will hate you 

Following up with the previous one, expect your whole body to be sore the next day. Stand up paddling, surfing and especially taking surf lessons as a beginner are quite demanding and will activate all of your muscles. In that sense, surf sports are different from any other sport as they don’t focus on a specific set of muscles.

The good news? You get stronger, healthier, more in shape and happier the more time you practice surfing. And it’s not just us who say that, you can read more in this article.

There are plenty of incredible locations to see

Of course we will talk about Lanzarote, but knowing how to surf will allow you to get paddling almost everywhere you go. The only requirement is for the place to have a beach and allow surfing in there.

Only thinking about surfing in Lanzarote, we can already name several surf spots like Playa de Famara, El Quemao, La Santa or San Juan among others. All of those will provide you with an incredible surfing experience and leave you craving for more.

Surfing is addictive

The main danger explained… According to several studies, practicing water sports such as kitesurfing, surfing and, in lower measure, paddle surf leads us to create more adrenaline, a natural, highly-addictive substance that gives us superpowers. 

We can say that surfing is a healthy drug you will want to continue taking the more time you spend on it and the higher your skill level is.

Bring a rashguard

Our only advice for you before you come to Kaboti to try surfing is: if you can, bring a rashguard as well as a water sport sunblock. You will be in contact with a waxed surfboard most of the time and there will be a lot of friction. Of course, the sun will be there for you most of the time too.

Therefore, if you want to avoid skin irritations and sunburns, come equipped for your first surf lesson. This way we can make sure you will enjoy it and be ready to come again the next day.

In short, surfing classes are fun, exciting and nothing to be afraid of. Maybe only the fact that you might get a bit too into it and won’t ever want to stop, but is it really a problem?

Give it a try, enjoy the fresh air, the sea and become one with your own body while you get healthy and fit. It’s all perks. And, if you still have questions, we are here for you, just give us a call or shoot as a message and we will make sure to advise you the best way we can.

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