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Thinking you are too old to get some surf lessons and start the learning process? Let us tell you otherwise. Surfing, or actually getting into any kind of sport, is great for your health and will provide you with several benefits for your physical and emotional health.

Of course it’s unlikely that if you start surfing in your thirties or forties you will reach the same level as someone who started surfing at the age of twelve, but you can definitely enjoy the sport and get quite good at it.

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of it and discover what it will take to learn through some surf lessons.

1. Keep your expectations realistic

This is probably the most important one. As we said, in your early years it’s possible that you were far from the sea and the waves, you didn’t have access to the right equipment or you just didn’t have enough time to try it all. And that’s completely fine, no one can be a pro at everything.

Be patient and keep in mind that the main goal of catching the waves is to have fun. No one will ever know how good you will become or how easy it will be for you to learn how to surf. As a wise woman said once, just keep swimming!

2. Be water my friend

You might already realise it, but in order to become good at surfing, or actually, even for beginner surfers, it is vital to become one with the ocean. You need to feel and be comfortable in the water as you will spend a lot of time swimming.

Surfing is done on a board, but we assure you that you will be drenched after 5-10 minutes of your first surf lesson or practice. 

Try snorkelling, having a swim in the sea, scuba diving or whatever comes to mind. Just make sure you come to your first surf lesson ready to get wet.

3. Have a laugh

It will also be vital that you are able to make fun of yourself and not get too demanding with your skills and your physique. Surfing has a relatively smooth learning curve, so you will be able to get started in no time. However, these surfers that ride waves and end up on the beach, dried up and with every single hair in its place, that’s just marketing. 

You will get scruffy, you will fall from your board, you will sleep, get your gear full of sand and much more. But hey, that’s part of the beauty! Enjoy the sun, the sand, the sea and the effort you are putting in. Because that is what will get you that adrenaline rush and the victorious feeling when you finally got on that board and surf your first wave.

4. Own it

There is nothing better for your skills than acting confident and as if you belong. Fun fact, you DO belong! One great thing about surfing is the community, always willing to help and teach you a trick or two. 

Getting to know the right people is just a matter of having fun and not being afraid to try once, and once again, and as many times as needed. You will quickly notice that the guy with the best gear is not actually the best one and the one with the oldest board trying to help you out is actually a professional surfer.

5. Prepare yourself

Yes, we said that there is a smooth learning curve, that with the right surf course you will be able to ride waves in no time, that surf instructors will get you standing on the board quite quickly, and a long etcetera. But, and it goes without saying, you will need to put in some effort first. 

If you want to do better and come prepared for your first surfing lesson, try squeezing in some exercise in your day to day. Remember that one of the most difficult things to do, independently of the equipment quality, is to pop on the board and stand on your feet. 

Swim a bit, as you will need to paddle, and get your core strength on point. You will need all of it to get on the board in bare seconds. And, if you have time, try some balance training to avoid falling from the board as soon as you get on top of it.

6. Be open to go slow

You know how advanced surfers and pros just pop up on the board as if it was the easiest thing in the world? Well, these experienced surfers have been doing it for many years. You, on the other hand, might need to get an extra step in between like getting on your knees before you stand.

And, before you think you will be ashamed, let us tell you it’s the most common thing to see in beginner surfers. Also, sometimes going slower at the beginning will make you advance faster in the long term. Remember that your body is not one of a 12 years old and you are not as light and you don’t have that kind of flexibility.

Plus, if you want to look it up, the standard board might not even be the best for you. You might need some modifications to make your surfing experience better. Think of wider surfboards for better stability, or the longboards that are a pleasure to ride even though they don’t have the best mobility. If in doubt, just ask the surf shop you are visiting or your surfing instructor and he will be able to advise you.

7. Pick the right spot

If it’s your first time trying to surf you might be lost with all the wind, water quality, height of waves and similar information. So, it will be a bit of a challenge to pick the right surf spot

There are tons of popular surf areas in Spain, like the basque country, San Sebastian, Galicia and, most importantly, the Canary Islands. 

Here at Kaboti we are Lanzarote lovers. Our surf school is located at Playa Blanca, a great place for beginners and advanced surfers. However, depending on the ocean conditions, we might do our lessons anywhere on the island. The good thing is, you won’t have to worry about anything as we will be the ones to pick the best spot for your first time and ensure that our surfing instructors are focused on you having fun and learning all the time.


In short, surfing classes are fun, exciting and nothing to be afraid of, independently of your age. Maybe only the fact that you might get a bit too into it and won’t ever want to stop, but is it really a problem?

Give it a try, enjoy the fresh air, the sea and become one with your own body while you get healthy and fit. It’s all perks. And, if you still have questions, we are here for you, just give us a call or shoot as a message and we will make sure to advise you the best way we can.

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